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 JoK rules

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PostSubject: JoK rules   Sat Mar 31, 2007 2:43 pm

Here are the JoK rules :

Red without a reason previously stated on the forums means kick off,
yellow more than one day means 1rst warning after 3 warning you re out.

2. If you are attacked, report to the forum first then contact the defence minister.

3. Dont attack an other player if his ally is in the top 150. Ask first the staff!

Look into the forum everytime you´re online, if you´re green but you
were not in the forum the last 3 days, 1 warning, 2 is kick off

can we help us if we don´t know nothing about the other! also please
answer on the forum, are you shy, or is it so ininterest the topics
who´ra there? then probably it will be interestfull the day where you
where under attack...?)

5. don´t insult any other player, even if he insult you... this is a game, so have fun.

6. try to reach the goals each week, if you need ressource to reach it, just ask we are there for his also ...

7. To enter the ally, you need to be close of the JoK area, at least 500 inhabitants and 1000 troops.
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JoK rules
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